Assessments using a Full Climate Impact Assessment

These assessments are based on a four-step purpose driven climate impact assessment. Such an approach is important for three reasons.

First, it broadens the focus beyond the product a company provides to also include the system delivering relevant impact, as well as the way a company delivers on human needs and how it changes structures and values in society. In this way the assessment provides a unique insight into how the company support, or undermine, a 1.5 °C global sustainable future. Current assessments that focus on companies reducing their own emissions can provide relevant insight, but also limit the focus to one where the best a company can do is to reduce emissions from current operations to zero, rather than developing globally sustainable system that support a future where 11 billion people can live flourishing lives.

Second, it provides an opportunity to better understand purpose driven companies with business models based on the goal of improving society in a sustainable way. It can also help companies become purpose driven by highlighting how it can use the need for sustainable solutions that deliver on human needs as a driver for innovation.

Third, it can help stakeholders such as incubators, investors, and regions / cities to support globally sustainable solutions and support purpose driven companies.

These assessments are based on the framework documents  Full Climate Impact Assessment – For Companies with Solutions and  21st Century Climate Innovation Assessment

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