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“A Climate Innovation Assessment tool" at SB56

June 6, 2022
Bonn, Germany
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At two important side-events at UNFCCC SB56, Dennis Pamlin, together with UNFCCC staff from the Global Innovation Hub urged those working with climate change: all NDCs, LDCs, city climate strategies and pledges/strategies from companies, organizations and initiatives, to make three commitments to address the issue of insufficient ambition in relation to the 1.5 °C goal, to include three types of commitments:

  1. One unconditional climate goal commitment based on perceived capability
  2. One conditional climate commitment aligned with a globally sustainable 1.5 °C goal where the gaps are identified and those with capacity to close the gaps are invited
  3. One as solution provider, with focus on human needs, taking on to put a certain amount of effort in responding to the demand for globally sustainable climate solutions that are compatible with a just transition towards a future where 10-11 billion citizens can live flourishing lives. Where possible the positive effort as a solution-providers should also be quantified.