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“An expanded climate innovation agenda for cities” at ICLEI's Research Symposium

May 10, 2022
Malmö, Sweden
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Participation in the opening plenary discussing Forward-looking approaches and implementation roadmaps to address the knowledge gaps identified by the updated GRAA.

Moderator: Maryke van Staden, Director of carbon Climate Center, Director of Business Development at ICLEI World Secretariat.

Panelists: Simon Chrisander, Deputy Mayor of the City of Malmö, Chairman of the Environmental Committee for the City of Malmö, Sweden; Prof. Ronan Long, Director of WMU-Sasakawa Global Ocean Institute, Nippon Foundation Professorial Chair of Ocean Governance and the Law of the Sea; Prof. Kevin Noone, Chair of the Advisory Board, Thriving Earth Exchange, Editor-in-Chief, Community Science Exchange, and Chief Science Advisor, International Sustainable Finance Centre; Dennis Pamlin, Executive Director of Mission Innovation’s Net-Zero Compatible Innovations Initiative