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Mission Innovation’s Sixth Ministerial meeting

June 2, 2021
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The Net-Zero Compatible Innovations Initiative held a side event as part of the Mission Innovation’s Sixth Ministerial meeting, hosted by Chile. So far, the climate discussion has focused on emitters of greenhouse gases and how they can reduce their emissions. In a rapidly changing world in the middle of an industrial revolution there is an urgent need to look beyond the current system for new solutions and solutions providers. Incubators, innovation hubs, start-ups and investors will have key roles as we move from a problem/risk agenda to an opportunity/solution agenda. If the world wants more than improvements in existing systems the next nexus for climate action will be incubators and innovation hubs, with supporting innovation ecosystems. Leading thinkers and leaders of transformative innovation from Asia, America and Europe presented at this MI-6 side event, >60 Gigatonnes of Solutions: A New Nexus for Climate Action, introduced by Dennis Pamlin and Jay Hennessy, Mission Innovation’s Net-Zero Compatible Innovations Initiative. Presentating were: Massamba Thioye, Manager of Regulatory Development Unit, UNFCCC; Soňa Stadtelmeyer-Petru, Global Head of Sustainable Investing, Allianz Investment Management; Marco Duso, Principal, Boston Consulting Group; Ganesh Das, Head – Strategy, Collaborations, Innovation and R&D, Tata Power and CEO, Clean Energy International Incubation Centre; Charlie Wilson, Researcher, Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research; Andreas Stubelius, Senior Portfolio Manager, Swedish Energy Agency; Max Correa Achurra, Head of the Fules & New Energy Division, Ministry of Energy, Chile.