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CEIIC co-hosted workshop on ‘Assessments of Net Zero Compatible Innovations’

June 29, 2020
Sweden, India
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Net-Zero Compatible Innovations Initiative (NCI), and Mission Innovation’s Clean Energy International Incubation Centre (CEIIC) jointly invited participants from twelve companies incubated by CEIIC / Social Alpha to a digital workshop. The energy start-ups were invited to learn how their innovation could contribute to transformative change on a local and global scale, both through their individual actions but more importantly as a group of innovators active in the same area. Representing the NCI, Jay Hennessy and Dennis Pamlin presented NCI’s avoided emissions and low energy demand frameworks, followed by a session focused on discussions on clustering and cooperation between the innovators. The start-ups were invited to take part in an assessment of the potential avoided emissions and 1.5 °C compatibility of their innovations.