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Berlin Energy Transition Dialogue 2021

May 18, 2021
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The Net-Zero Compatible Innovations Initiative held a workshop on ‘Moving beyond climate neutrality and other climate risk approaches and embracing a climate solution innovation approach’, at the Berlin Energy Transition Dialogue 21 event, convening speakers with leading roles in the innovation ecosystem to discuss best and next practice for how 1.5C compatible start-ups can be supported, and how investment can accelerate the uptake of 1.5C compatible innovations. The speakers, representing a range of public and private sectors, were: Andreas Stubelius, Senior Portfolio Manager at Swedish Energy Agency, Smita Rakesh, Portfolio Director at Clean Energy International Incubation Centre; Catharina Sandberg, CEO at LEAD; Henrike Neulen, Program Manager at TechFounders; Julia Padberg, Principal at SET Ventures; Peter Dahl, ‎Investment manager at Polhem Infra; Gabriela Herculano, CEO & Co-Founder at iClima Earth; and Dennis Pamlin, Lead of the Net-Zero Compatible Innovations Initiative.