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Daring Cities: An Expanded Climate and Innovation Agenda (ECIA) for a just and equitable climate emergency response in cities and region

September 12, 2023
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Introduction by Pourya Salei:

It's time to "Put Human Needs at the Center," "Meet Cities Where They Are," and "Leverage Technology to Support Redefining Governance and Collaboration" to tackle today's most pressing challenges, including the climate crisis!

In this session, we're bringing together trailblazers from Mission Innovation, ICLEI, and UNFCCC Global Innovation Hub to unveil the groundbreaking "Expanded Climate and Innovation Agenda (ECIA)" and its game-changing "associated tools and principles" and engage in a dynamic conversation with partner cities and innovation thought leaders.

These tools not only measure leadership in solutions and meeting human needs within existing city policies and strategies to discover their "current role" within the ECIA framework but also empower cities and regions to chart their path within the global community of climate change responders, move towards their "desired role," and foster a new innovation ecosystem for transformative change.