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Sustainable Innovation Forum

November 8, 2021
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Dennis Pamlin, Head, Mission Innovation’s Net-Zero Compatible Innovations Initiative, was invited to participate in a panel discussion at the Sustainable Innovation Forum at COP26, regarding the urgency of transitioning into a net-zero and sustainable world, and the role that accelerated innovation, businesses and individuals have in this transition. The Sustainable Innovation Forum is a platform that unites heads of government, ministers and senior policy advisors with non-state actors including business leaders, technology innovators, investors and NGOs, around the universal challenge of delivering the Paris Agreement. The three-day event included multiple event and discussions on topics such as global challenges, industry transitions, climate finance and a reimagining of the status quo. The programme was designed to facilitate a cross sector, public-private partnerships deemed essential for transformational change, showcasing business action, the power of collaboration, the importance of effective policy, and the innovative solutions at our disposal today.