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UNFCCC Global Innovation Hub launch: Incubators in a 21st century innovation ecosystem delivering 1.5 °C solutions

November 4, 2021
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In a series of workshops by Mission Innovation’s Net-Zero Compatibility Initiative (NCI) at COP26 in Glasgow for the launch of the UNFCCC Global Innovation Hub. This session explored how different stakeholders can take a lead in the shift towards a solution agenda that focuses on human needs and 1.5 °C compatibility. An integral part of this shift is and will be done by incubators which identify and scale up the innovations of the future. The panel of speakers included representatives of some of the incubators that help push this agenda in collaboration with NCI and other actors, to build support for and use of the PICU (potential, idea, cluster, uptake) framework model for incubators. Speakers at the event were: Catharina Sandberg, CEO, LEAD; Smita Rakesh, Portfolio Director, Clean Energy and Climate Innovations, Social Alpha; Sebastian Diaz, Co-founder, DEEP Ecosystem EU Incubator; Sylvia Stojilkovic, Managing Partner, TechFounders; Simon Bennett, Energy Technology Analyst, IEA; Dennis Pamlin, Head/Senior Advisor, Mission Innovation’s Net-Zero Compatibility Initiative/RISE