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CEM 3rd Solutions Summit - Creating the Workforce and Inclusive Economies for Clean Energy Transitions

June 14, 2023
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Clean Energy Ministerial Empowering People Initiative’s 3rd Solution Summit brought together participants from over 90 countries for an exchange of ideas.

Expert speakers from ICLEI Local Governments for Sustainability, Partnership for Action on Green Economy (PAGE), and Mission Innovation’s NCI guided discussions on the tools necessary for a successful transition to a robust clean energy economy and workforce.

Pourya Salehi, ICLEI World Secretariat, outlined the purpose of NCI and ICLEI’s work towards the goal of the UN Climate Change’s Global Innovation Hub and Jay Hennessy, NCI, gave an overview of the importance of an expanded innovation agenda with a human needs approach and some practical tools that cities, leaders in clean energy and others can start using now to align their strategies for 1.5 °C compatibility and 11 billion flourishing lives.